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What happens at Zap Kids Club?

This programme of activities is just a small window into what your child will experience at Zap Kids Club and lists the adult-led sensory art, craft and sporting activities on offer each day. To meet the unique needs of learners, children will also have the opportunity to make use of the facilities on offer and this is to help with the emotional regulation whilst catering for their sensory diets; ultimately enabling them to engage in the arts and crafts instruction we make available to them which is our primary purpose. The following is a selection of the types of activities they will be engaged in;

  • Colouring / Painting and Drawing using a range of different mediums and implements

  • A variety of ball games

  • Coloured Water Collages

  • Messy Sensory Art Play (think shaving foam and sand!) to create truly unique pieces of artwork  

  • Themed Craft Activities (e.g. biscuit decorating) 

  • Material / Texture craft development

  • Creating sensory craft objects that cater to different senses

Whilst we are an arts/crafts and sports club, we do make reasonable adjustments to ensure that individual children's needs are met and therefore, during breaks and unstructured play during the lunch period, children can access the sensory room, soft-play, jumping play and mudkitchens - loved by everyone but of course these really enable those who need sensory input to regulate and therefore take part in the primary offer of the club. 

*The sensory arts/crafts activities are mostly be through specific staff led activities which build excitement and anticipation. This is a technique often used in specialist settings and helps children not only have tons of fun, but also aims to increase participation, concentration and therefore skill development on a particular task! In these cases, it leads in to the arts and crafts lessons we have designed and planned. 

Please note this is just a sample of different activities but our fabulous specialist staff are always thinking up new activities and ideas for the children to develop their skills and have fun whilst doing it. 

What should my child wear to Zap Kids Club?

Please make sure your child attends in appropriate (and ideally old!) clothes. As well as doing arts and crafts, during break and lunchtime (and sometimes during sessions!) children may be using the outdoor areas and so could get messy – please don’t send them in with their best clothes. If it's raining we will still allow children to use the outdoor areas, please provide a waterproof coat if rain is forecast! 

Is there anything my child should NOT bring to Zap?

Children will not be allowed to make use of mobile phones, IPads, IPods etc whilst at Zap Kids, unless agreed prior with the management team. We actively discourage children from engaging with these technologies as we are fairly confident our sensory arts/crafts activities will provide enough stimulation. Where it is absolutely necessary, for example, if the child uses assistive communication technology (Proloquo or SwiftKey etc) – then of course we will make these reasonable adjustments. Please note any personal items/toys bought into club will be their own responsibility (e.g. comforters, favourite toy/object etc).

Who can come to Zap?

Zap Kids Club is intended for children aged 5-11. If your child is aged 4 and already in their Reception year of school, we may be able to facilitate this on a reduced timetable (to a maximum of 4 hours each day). For more information, please send us an enquiry via our website.

Does my child need to have an EHCP to attend Zap?

Whilst Zap Kids Club is intended for children with SENd. It is not a requirement for the child to have undergone any diagnostics or be in receipt of an Education HealthCare Plan. We will try our very best to cater for all children, making as many of our activities as accessible as possible. The club is intended for children who would otherwise not be able to benefit from other arts/crafts and sports holiday club providers e.g. children with more complex needs/difficulties including but not limited to social interaction difficulties (e.g. not toilet-trained, pre-verbal etc).

My child has complex, special or medical needs. Can they attend?

We don’t discriminate against any child attending Zap Kids Club, after all, our aim is to make sure that your difference makes no difference to us. That said however, we do need to ensure that we have all the safety protocols in place to ensure your child can attend safely. If your child has needs which would require our staff to have specialist training (for example catheterisation, administering specialist medication or feeding tubes etc), then this may prove difficult as our staff are First Aid and SEN trained but are not medical professionals and unless they’re in receipt of certain training from a healthcare professional, our insurance and risk assessments may restrict access. That’s not to say we won’t try and work with families and other professionals to accommodate your needs. If you’d like to talk to us about this, please use our enquiry form on our website and a member of our team will be in touch.

What is the daily routine?

An example of one of our daily routines can be found below

10.00am – Drop-Off / Registration and Welcome Song 
During this time, the room leaders and staff will go through the planned activities for the day with a supporting visual timetable. Staff will use ‘now and next’ boards to support children with the transitions throughout the day. Children will be supported to make choices using visual prompts. 

10.15am – Morning Arts and Crafts Activitiy (Session 1)

10.45am  – Morning Sporting Activity (Session 2)
11.15am -  Break-Time / Snack  - This session includes supervised (and supported) free play in the outdoor area, soft-play or sensory room. 
11.30am –    Morning Arts and Crafts Activity (Session 3)

12.15pm – Sensory Craft Story  (please note during  the sensory story, children will individually be taken to wash their hands etc ahead of lunch).  

12.30 – 1.00pm – Lunch (provided by home) + Lunch Play 

1.00pm – 1.45pm – Afternoon Arts/Crafts or Sporting Activity (1) 

1.45pm – End of Club Preparations – Social stories, visual timetables, now and next board updates, end of day song. 

2.00pm – Collection / End of Club 

How can I contact Zap during club hours?

Call the Zap Kids Club site mobile. We also sporadically check emails and messages throughout the day.

What are your staff to child ratios?

As a minimum, we comply with recommended guidance for working with children who have SEND. The maximum number of children in each group in an allocated area with be 12 children with 3 adults. Unless otherwise stated, we are unable to provide a 1:1 ratio at all times, though of course in the event a medical incident (e.g. seizure), children will be supported on a 1:1 basis by a fully qualified paediatric (12 hours) trained First Aider. 

What happens if my child is unwell or has an accident at Zap?

All our on-site managers, and most staff, hold a 12hr first aid paediatric first aid certificate. If your child is unwell, we will try to isolate them from other children, whilst keeping them calm and comfortable. Please note, if they are suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea, they will not be able to return to club until 48 hours after the last bought of illness. If your child has an accident, the appropriate first aid will be administered and an accident/incident form will be completed and ready for you to sign upon collection. If the accident/illness is severe, the manager will call you to inform you of your child's condition.

Are you Ofsted registered?

As a specialist SEN holiday activity club providing providing thematic arts/crafts and sporting activities, we meet the criteria for exemption from Ofsted registration. We are not a childcare provider and instead offer an accessible environment where children can develop their skills through arts/crafts and sports. We are however a member of the Out of School Alliance community and work closely with charity partners and local authority services. 

Do you accept childcare vouchers? 

No. As we are a specific SEN holiday activity club and not a childcare setting, we are unable to accept childcare vouchers. 

How can I book? 

Please make an enquiry using 'contact us' on our website. We will send you all of the booking and registration information. 

Do I have to book the whole week?

Not at all. Sessions can be booked day by day. You can do as many or as little days as you like throughout the week. To find out what crafting activities are taking place, please contact us and we will be able to provide you with an overview of sessions taught. 


What qualifications and experience do your staff have? 

All staff are currently employed in specialist school provisions (during term-time); they have a wealth of experience supporting children with SENd needs. Amongst other staff, our club manager Mikayla, is a fully qualified teacher with experience in both mainstream and specialist settings. Additionally, Mikayla's eldest son has complex special needs and was the inspiration for ZAP Kids Club. 

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